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Value Appraisal: Experience and Expertise

Looking for a good real estate agent is not easy. You should leave this task that carries so much responsibility to someone who knows how to appreciate the true value of your property.

In order to successfully sell your property, the first steps are very important. As an extra service we make first appraisals free of cost. Whether it is an apartment or a property asset, we bring expertise and experience. Ulrich Keiling pays careful attention to every piece of property and will give you an appraisal according to your needs and wishes.

The location of the property is no longer the only criterion for determining its value. We will consider the condition of the building and the apartment, as well as the facilities. In addition, we will take into account the development of the prices on the market during the past few years. Ulrich Keiling has excellent knowledge of the area which is essential to his appraisals. He is also a jovial person and has a good ability for communicating with people. These are important criteria when selling your property.

Our experience of many years and our expertise will ensure that your property is in good hands. Please contact us at no cost and with no further commitment. We will be pleased to advise you!